JIB & Pillar Cranes


Jib Cranes manufactured by JAPS Project are very versatile in handling materials to and from machining bays, small parts assembly shops, hammer/press shops, repair bays etc. Compared to overhead cranes which are meant for handling heavier and bulky materials, the jib cranes are very useful for faster operation. We offer wide range of JIB Cranes of standard formats in capacities from 500kg to 5000kg. Superior specially designed options are available on request. We offer two types, the Pillar Mounted JIB Crane and the Wall or Column Mounted. Each of these may be equipped with chain or wire rope hoists with additional options of electric travel & electric slewing gear. Hoisting unit may be manual chain pulley blocks operated through hand chain from floor or electric chain hoists or electric wire rope hoists. Traversing unit may be either geared travelling trolley (manual) or electric trolley.